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February 28 - March 6, 2017 
Join Yuval Ron Ensemble Concert Tour To CUBA
Dear friends,

I am delighted to invite you to come with me to an amazing cultural exploration of Cuba with the full Yuval Ron Ensemble (7 musicians and 1 dancer). The tour dates are Feb 28-March 6, 2017. Our tour will explore the Afro-Cuban music and Dance of Cuba, the fascinating spiritual traditions that merge African ritual and Christianity, the outstanding colorful visual art of Cuba, the Jewish history of Cuba and especially the master drummers and dancers of the Afro-Cuban traditions (Yoruba and more). We will have workshops, hands on experiences with these masters and have exclusive jams and meetings with them. See the Tour itinerary here: Tour to Cuba - Itinerary

The tour will sell out, so if you are interested, best to register before anybody else does!

Visiting Cuba for Americans is unlike going to any other country on earth! There are many rules set by the USA and Cuba and many costs that usually do not apply when traveling to other countries, for example: Cuba require us to have and pay for a special Cuban medical insurance for the time we will be in Cuba. There are special USA group licenses we have to pay for, Cuban government tour office fees and Cuban government tour guide that we, as American MUST pay for, etc etc. Yet, this tour will be an incredible experience, as all the tours that I have led so far. My full Yuval Ron Ensemble will be with us, including the stunning and inspiring dancer, Mayaya, and we will have exclusive meetings and jam sessions with master drummers, dancers, spiritual leaders and visual artists of Cuba. We will spend time with the children and have a musical and dance exchange with them and will dine in the best restaurants while exploring Cuba, BEFORE it is transforming to be more Westernize and commercialized.

Our tour focus on Havana and will be about 7-8 days long. A longer tour in more locations would make the tour more expensive, and so that was ruled out at the end. All US citizen group tours to Cuba are expensive, because of the great interest to visit Cuba now, BEFORE it will change for ever by opening to USA commercial companies and visitors.

Considering the unique and complicated travel destination of Cuba, and that we are providing exclusive unique musical, dance and spiritual exchange along with the full Yuval Ron Ensemble and its interaction with top professional artists of Havana's, the cost of our tour is reasonable. People that I know who traveled to Cuba with some other American travel companies had bad experience in Havana with the accommodations and coordination. For our tour, we preferred to go with a specialized company, Project Por Amor ( that have a good track record bringing USA artists to Cuba and have the experience in producing the kind of tour we are interested in. They do everything according to the USA and Cuban laws and naturally are more expensive than some of the competition.

We recommend that you fly to Miami on Feb 27 and arrange for an over night near the airport , so you can join us at the Miami airport on Feb 28 in the am to fly to Havana. Also you may wish to stay in Miami on the eve of March 6 and fly home on March 7.

Please read the attached itinerary and Prices and Terms doc, and then register with the registration form below. If you have any questions, please email our tour operator Sage Lewis of Project Por Amor at:

Tour to Cuba - Itinerary
Registration Form
Prices, Terms & Conditions

Hope to see you in Cuba this spring!

Peace be with you ,

Yuval Ron

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