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When school and mosque and minaret get torn down, then dervishes can begin their community. Not until faithfullness turns to betrayal and betrayal into trust, can any human being become part of the truth. – Rumi
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Posted: 05/08/08

Yuval Ron
Not often am I so enormously inspired by an individual’s love of humanity and quest for peace, as I am of Yuval Ron!

Yuval is an amazing Israeli Composer who combines Jewish, Sufi and Christian Armenian music together, to create a unique musical style that is absolutely breathtaking. By combining the three musical styles, Yuval endeavors to unite the sacred traditions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

The mystical beauty of his music, transcends nationalistic, religious, racial and cultural divides as he succeeds in illuminating the oneness of humanity.

I have posted a video of The Yuval Ron Ensemble performing ‘Zaman El Salam’, which translates ‘A time for peace’. Singing is Najwa Gibran, a beautiful Arab lady from Haifa. Her angelic voice reaches and soothes the essence of the human soul.

A Time for PeaceKahlil Gibran is quoted as saying, ‘Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life … bringing peace and abolishing strife.’

I applaud Yuval Ron for his efforts in seeking a source of hope, through his mystical and inter-cultural compositions.