Charting the Map of Your Own Body/ Mind with Ruth Gould-Goodman and Yuval Ron

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Charting the Map of your Own Body/ Mind

Live music, movement, deep spiritual and healing work with

Ruth Gould-Goodman and Yuval Ron

A journey in and through your personal “Sacred Scripture” and discovering the “Everything Soup….” for Healing, Resilience and Happiness.

An 8 sessions course. Both in-person and live-stream Zoom options.

Live in-person outdoors in Venice, CA.

Sundays April 11-May 30, 2021 at 11am-12:30pm PST

sliding scale $25-35 per class, or $170.00 for the series if paid by Friday April 1st (paypal or venmo)

To receive address for in-person option OR zoom link for online live-stream please RSVP to:

Sun April 11 – Session 1:

Intro to learning directly from your own unique internal body/mind map versus other medical and spiritual systems (other maps)

Sun April 18 – Session 2:

Your Breath: Mechanics of hover wave four-part quantum breath, abdominal, diaphragmatic and chest breath. Oceanic movement aligned breath

Sun April 25 – Session 3:

Center: Journey through internal center core frequencies, microcosmic orbit,

Unifying Heaven and earth through heart attunement. The use of resistance.

Sun May 2 – Session 4:

Plugging voice to breath: Seed mantras and body awareness through sound production

Sun May 9 – Session 5:

Rooting: Microcosm of the souls of our feet. Earth polarities, bone conduction

Down is Up and Up is Down

Sun May 16 – Session 6:

The 4 Directions: Unique powers of Front, Back, Left, Right

Sun May 23 – Session 7:

The 4 Elements: The alchemy of Earth, Water, Fire, Air

Sun May 30 – Session 8 – Finale Sonic Attunement Chorus:

The 5th Element Space (Akash), porousness of inner and outer, Ocean within an Ocean, Cosmic Lover, Moving and singing our internal shadow, Soul song,

About Ruth Gould-Goodman  M.A., L.Ac :

Ruth created “Conscious Body Energetics” and “La Madre Yoga” to assist the return of consciousness back to our Body through slow motion breath aligned dance-movement. She is an Acupuncturist, Mystic, energy healer, an improvisational storyteller, and Author or “The Sacred Book of U: Unveiling the Lost teaching of the Deep Feminine”. She uses embodied storytelling to help people steady awareness in the power of the Deep Feminine, a state of consciousness that stands firmly in the unformed birthing place where infinite possibility distills into  present moment  physical actualization.

Ruth is mother of two grown children, a grandmother and in a 42year amazing marriage. She considers these relationships her most profound Spiritual teachers.

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About Yuval Ron:

Yuval is an internationally renowned recording and touring artist, composer, educator, peace activist and record producer. Among his many honors, he composed the songs and score for the Oscar winning film West Bank Story in 2007, was the featured artist in the Gala Concert for the Dalai Lama’s initiative Seeds of Compassion, collaborated with the Sufi leader Pir Zia Inayat Khan, received commissions for site-specific scores from the Getty Center, Japan-America Center, and Zen priest and visual artist, Hirokazu Kosaka. His awards include the Los Angeles Treasures Award and prestigious grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, American Composers Forum, California Council for the Humanities and the Rockefeller Foundation. Yuval Ron is a noted lecturer and has been invited to speak at numerous schools including: Yale, John Hopkins University, UCLA, Middlebury College, MIT, Berklee College of Music, University of Chicago. Yuval’s book  Divine Attunement: Music as a Path to Wisdom won Gold Medal Award for  Best Book in Spirituality  Category in the Indie Book Award 2015. Other awards include the Los Angeles Treasures Award in 2004 and prestigious grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, American Composers Forum, California Council for the Humanities and the Rockefeller Foundation. His TV and films scores include the PBS/Nova special, Breaking the Maya Code, Proteus, Oliver Twist, The Spiral Staircase, Golda’s Balcony and Road to Victory. 

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