Presenter’s Testimonials

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“Yuval Ron Ensemble’s performance was absolutely perfect! it was a festival highlight for me! I am grateful that I can always count on you to bring your culture forward in authentic and compelling ways. Please pass my thanks and admiration on to all your extraordinarily talented company members.”
– Barbara Leonard, Global Current Festival Curator
California State University, Northridge, CA

“I am deeply touched and impressed by Yuval Ron and the Ensemble.  I celebrate their sacred music and peace, as well as their musical skills!”
– Maureen O. Rovegno, Associate Director
Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY  14722

“The Yuval Ron Ensemble’s poetry, melodies, rhythms and movements transcend political, linguistic and religious divisions. Ron is a master storyteller, whose soft-spoken sincerity and insights promote human solidarity, serving as a powerful antidote to our pessimism and cynicism. By the end of the concert, the audience once again believes in the possibilities for peace and friendship among Muslims, Christians and Jews.”
– Joel Glick
Oregon Education Association (OEA), Portland, OR

“Yuval Ron Ensemble, a world-class group… had a big impact on our community in a variety of ways, they are an inspiring, challenging, and memorable group.”
– Judith Eissenberg, Director, MusicUnitesUS
Brandeis University, Boston, MA

​”The sights were dazzling, the sounds were exotic, and the room was full of joy. The musicianship was world-class, the audience was dancing and the whirling dervish was something to behold. It was a truly memorable evening.”
– Peter Gordon, Director of New Initiatives
Cal Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA

​”Such a beautiful ensemble of artists. Our audience of members and nonmembers alike we’re blown away by Yuval Ron Ensemble music, dance, and message of love and peace. People are still buzzing on the high of it all — from the 200 students & teachers singing and dancing in their chairs to the evening audience singing and dancing in the aisles”
– Diana Wyenn, Artistic Director of Arts & Culture
Temple Israel of Hollywood, Hollywood, CA

“Yuval Ron…. is a troubadour of the music of the soul. When he and his ensemble play, heaven feels tangibly near.”
– Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, Ph.D. President of the Sufi Order International

“It was a fantastic set of shows! The music, dance, and song were all an inspiration!”
– Barbara Leonard, Artistic Director, Education Dept.

“The Yuval Ron Ensemble seamlessly blends extraordinary musical achievement with vivid storytelling. I was greatly impressed by their ability to capture the musical traditions, the history, and the many cultures of the Middle East within the universal message of peace, while being artistically stimulating and emotionally moving. Their genuine desire to have meaningful interaction with the audience was truly refreshing, whether during the show, afterward, or even over a casual cup of coffee the next day. I know they made a lot of people happy in Eugene.”
– Milo Petruziello, Cultural Forum
Oregon State University

“The Yuval Ron Ensemble does a wonderful restorative work. There is no medicine more potent than music in our wounded world”
– Ruth Broyde Sharone, Parliament of World Religions

“There are not many performances that make such an impact on me as the one did on Saturday. I could sense the spirituality in the concert, something that is missing so much in our modern society. And it wasn’t that artificial “New Age” hokum that passes for real spirituality, but the real thing. We were truly blessed to have the ensemble perform here.”
– Allan Seward, Technical Director, Arts THeater
Westchester Community College

“I was completely transformed by your music. It took me to spiritual places in my soul and our collective Soul that I had not known before I experienced your amazing music. Thank you and your ensemble members, all brilliant as you are, for a life affirming experience.”
– Lori Kizzia, Director of Peace and Justice,
All Saints Church, Pasadena, CA

“Unbelievably wonderful and inspiring. Completely phenomenal…a deep inspiration…, an incredibly wonderful performance… an intimate and inspiring workshop.”
– Elizabeth Davenport, Dean of Rockefeller Chapel
The University of Chicago

“Yuval Ron Ensemble has greatly blessed and deepened the spiritual life at this community.”
– Tim Megorden, Tessa moon Leiseth, Office of Ministry
Concordia College, Moorhead., MN

“Wow! They are so wonderful! What a great residency. Our audiences (of all ages) really enjoyed the Yuval Ron Ensemble. The group is a delight….what I saw and heard was amazing. I am so glad this experience happened.”
– Ann Brusky, Senior Manager of Public Programs
John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI 53081

“(The Yuval Ron Ensemble)’s gift to all of us… is one of deep spiritual truth. Truth that the music transcends language, culture, differences, to touch the shared core of the human spirit…the Ensemble is able to evoke the human commonality felt through music, that spirit-lifting connection….human communication and connection (that) surpasses the intellect and ego, it goes to the center, to that which is infinite, perhaps divine, in us all.”
– Mel Hamel, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Fresno, CA

“…the music beautiful, touching, uplifting, exciting – the discussion enlightened and filled with insight and ruach.”
– Rabbi John Rosove, Senior Rabbi
Temple Israel of hollywood, CA

“Amazing concert…. a new and refined holy tapestry, a renewed reality…awesome healing….I could feel the untangling of the tangles through the music. God Bless you and your holy work.”
– Rabbi T’mimah Ickovitz, Santa Monica, CA

“Yuval Ron Ensemble’s ability to bring together such evocative and eloquent music with an intellectual exploration of the music’s history and development, and a subtle message about cultural fusion and coexistence made the concert—and the entire residency—a truly unique experience, both for me personally and for the many participants who commented on it to me in this spirit.”
– Prof. Arieh Saposnik, Director
Y & S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies, UCLA

“a wonderful, uplifting evening of music and spirit.”
– Rabbi Jay Shasho Levy
J.D. Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel , Los Angeles, CA

“The concert at UCLA was FABULOUS!!!! It was moving to see the varieties of cultures — Arabic, Mizrahi, Yemenite, Israeli, Armenian — joined together in making music. Very powerful statement.”
– Rabbi Ed Feinstein, Senior Rabbi
Valley Beth Shalom and American Jewish University, Los Angeles, CA

“a feast for the ear, eye, heart! It was a joy to get to learn , listen and sing with you and your ensemble for the last two weeks and I heard nothing but wonderful praise from our guests.”
– Miriam Zacuto – Director of Programming
Center of Israel Studies, UCLA

“It was AWESOME. The kids loved it…the Ensemble was great. The classes were wonderful and the performance was terrific.”
– Brett Carroll, Choirs Director
Burbank High School , Burbank, CA

“ The evening performance was mesmerizing. Yuval is a gifted communicator and his ensemble was comprised of high caliber musicians and singers.”
– Denise Nelson Nash, Vice President of Public Affairs
CalTech, Pasadena, CA

“… truly a special evening… It was magical, gentle, sweet, contemplative, inspiring, calming, wondrous.”
– Rabbi John Rosove
Temple Israel of Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

“Beautiful teaching, music, dance and spiritual depth. The ripples of warmth and healing energy continue to reverberate.”
– Rabbi Daveen H. Litwin
Director, Chaplains of The Claremont Colleges, Claremont, CA

 “A wonderful evening with the Yuval Ron Ensemble. From the few faculty and students I spoke with, they all gave great feedback and enjoyed the interaction and participation. There was definitely a difference in the mood of the room from the beginning of the event to the end; stress seemed to have disappeared from many faces!”
– Heather McNeil
University of New England, Portland, ME

“You and your band left Indianapolis a better town because of the good vibes you generate.”
– Charlie Wiles, Director
International Interfaith Initiative, Indianapolis, IN

“Thank you for such an inspiring concert and for spreading the happiness among people in the stressful world we live in. The evening’s repertoire was really well balanced to give the audience a full spectrum of experience of the music and culture of the Middle East.  The blending of anecdotes/stories as references for the songs made the evening transcendent. Again, my thanks for sharing your compositions, knowledge and the warmth of your personality with our audiences in multiple settings.”
– Ranjanaa Devi, Director
Fine Arts Center, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

“…a fabulous evening last night, had the busiest evening of the year in our cafe, and have been receiving raves from our audience. Most importantly, last night provided a ray of light..”
– Elissa Schein, Director of Public Programs
Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York, NY

“Unforgettable experience — not only for the music, but because of the heart-opening effect of that sublime symbolic gesture of the two vocalists, one Arabic, and the other Israeli … and not only that, because those two inspired ladies listened to each other in a deeply musical way which is rare with any collaboration between two divas … in my experience, almost unheard of… I could feel hearts opening all through the audience. In the current public mood of unconsciousness and ego-glorification of all kinds, your work is all the more precious, and I’m sure it also helps many people to cut through the temptation of pessimism..”
– Joseph Rowe, radio producer, musician, composer, writer and educator

“… the lecture was great and that the students had an insightful discussion afterwards, bringing in themes of orientalism and religious diversity…….The concert also provided a catalyst for critical thinking around questions of cultural representation. From all accounts, we not only met, but exceeded the anticipated student learning outcomes.”
– Lauren Stuart Muller, Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies
City College of San Francisco, CA

“… the Yuval Ron Ensemble mesmerized a crowd of over 500 people at Benaroya Hall. The Ensemble brought to Seattle the gift of what is possible: friends making music together across boundaries that too often seem impenetrable. Yuval Ron Ensemble Delights with Music, Dance and Hope for Peace”
– Susan K. Hogan, Director of Marketing and Communications
School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University, WA

” …your concert was music, performance, liturgy, dance, deep spirituality all presented in a holistic way.”
– Jack Olive, Ascociate Dean for Ecumenical Relations
School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University, WA

” …the deepest of the deepest. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS A YUVAL RON CONCERT ….The quality is one in a thousand! NO EXAGGERATION.”
– Rabbi David Zaslow
Congregation Havurah Shir Hadash, Ashland, OR

” A majestic and most enjoyable performance…Indeed, your music was most enjoyable and refreshing.”
– Elin Suleymanov
Azerbaijan Consulate, Los Angeles, CA

” a terrific and moving performance yesterday. The students I spoke to afterwards loved it and were really inspired. We were honored to have The Yuval Ron Ensemble perform on campus and what a positive response they got from the students.”
– Jasamin Rostam-Kolayi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Department of History, California State University, San Marcos, CA

“… coming together of people from the three main Middle Eastern religious groups in a peaceful way is a gift. Not only the Yuval Ron Ensemble members are role-modeling, they are giving people a chance to come together in a safe space so that they can start to deal with people from other religions in a non-stereotypical way.”
– Dr. Sally Childs-Helton, Butler University, IN

” The concert was fabulous, The ensemble got a standing ovation.”
– David Ortiz, Arts and Lectures Coordinator
California State University, San Marcos, CA

“ Yuval has such a remarkable presence, which draws people in and, like a magnet, holds their every bit of attention. The performances were stunning. It was a wonderful event, a true ‘happening’!”
– Dr. Richard Braun, Chairman
The Jewish Music Commission Los Angeles, CA

“Incredible, Excellent. Wonderful. Wow… -just a sampling of some of the comments after the performance last night. I know Yuval Ron touched a lot of people with his music and presence. We are truly honored to be in the business of presenting folks like him.”
– Patrick Grace, General Manager, Performance Center
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

“I was in awe (and envy) as I listened to Yuval Ron play the Oud. His music will inspire me to keep finding new voices in my own music.”
– Phil Kadidlo, Director of Worship and Music
Trinity Lutheran, Stillwater, MN

“It was a lovely and inspiring evening. I have been listening in my car to the CD we bought last night after the concert. It is a wonderful way to extend the feelings of the evening:) Thanks for everything you all contributed to this event! Blessings to the Yuval Ron Ensemble as they continue to share this vision of peace.”
– Siri Erickson, Pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church, Stillwater, MN

“… the music performed by Yuval Ron was food for the soul…”
– Eisha Maison, Peace Ministry, Agape Church

” A powerful and deeply moving afternoon…the music and dance filled the space and the emotions welled up through the trees and out to the top of the building…into the universe for good will, peace, and harmony.”
– Judy Mitoma, Director
World Festival of Sacred Music, Los Angeles, CA

“I was impressed, or better deeply moved not only by the wonderful music, but also the spiritual depth that it conveyed, not only about our individual needs to go within, but also about going out to others in striving for peace.”
– Dr. Bernard McGinn, Professor Emeritus
University of Chicago Divinity School, Chicago, IL

“Many of us at K-State have remarked that your concert was one of the most uplifting events they have ever attended. I cannot thank you enough for bringing us all together in a very spiritual and artful way.”
– Todd Holemberg, Director of Performing Arts
McCain Auditorium, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

“…an incredible gift to the Manhattan community….many felt it to be life-changing. Your talks we so heartfelt, down to earth and yet incandescent in their implications.”
– Linda Duke, Director,
Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, K State,
UCLA Hammer Museum, Manhattan, KS

“ Truly, the concert, that lovely 2 hours of joyful, spirit-filled prayer/song and dance between people was the perfect ending to an incredible experience.”
– Sharon M.K. Kugler, University Chaplain
Johns Hopkins University

“Yuval Ron and friends are refreshing like an oasis in the desert.”
– John H. Rauch, President
Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity

“… an exceptional concert, filled with honest emotion and superb musicianship…
evocative and transformative music.”
– David Kates, Ex. Director
Jewish Music Commission, Los Angeles, CA

” People were really touched, even moved, by this concert…this kind of thing doesn’t happen every day. And every day, every time that it does, is special and something to treasure.”
– Titus Levi, Assistant Professor of Communications
USC, Los Angeles, CA

” The audience was clearly mesmerized by the combination of cultures and styles that were blended together in the show…”
– Dr. Mark Levine, History Department
UC Irvine, Los Angeles, CA

“…incredible, amazing….it was a devine treat…”
– Martin Issacson, Artist, Teacher
UCLA and Ventura College

“a mystical and wonderful evening”
– Daniel Faraldo, Actor, Writer

“the concert was more than magnificent! This was the best concert I have ever seen, and the huge crowd agreed. It ws like traveling to the Middle east. So invigorating and inspiring. I especially enjoyed the Pakistani harmonium player–he is a fascinating showman.”
– Judith Fine-Sarchielli, Chef, Art Teacher

“MERCI for a beautiful concert, I loved it, and I loved the whirling dervish. Thank you for a special evening.”
– Allegra Pesenti, Curator
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

“They are all talented performers and very beautiful, kind human beings. We feel that they are part of our congregational family now. Their concerts are more than an ordinary show, but a truly spiritual experience of sacred music.”
– Rabbi Julie Danan
Congregation Beth Israel, Chico, CA

“Marvelous performance. People really loved it.”
– Dr. Jane Brockman, CEO/Director
Music & Conversations, Inc. Los Angeles, CA

“Watching ‘The Soul of Spain’ touched my Spanish soul. The blend of different media heightened all of my senses, with the gorgeous and hypnotic dancers and all of the extremely talented musicians. The Yuval Ron Ensemble is truly a beautifully unique, mind-blowing display of peace that moves even the most feeble-minded.”
– Cathy Arias, The Corsair newspaper
Santa Monica, CA

“I thoroughly enjoyed your concert last night and my friend and I listened to the CD this morning. It is beautiful. Some old favorites and some new material. All in all, a rich and wonderful evening.”
– Marilyn Gttschall, Professor
Whittier College, Whittier

“Such heartfelt goodwill mixed with fabulous music…Yuval has the capacity to bring the audience to their feet, singing as one with each other and the ensemble, everyone leaves uplifted and with smiles. He is just what America and the world needs right now.”
– Rachel Cohen, Cadence Arts network

“We were honored to once again have you grace our stage. ”
– Ernest Figueroa, Producer, The Broad Stage, Santa Monica, CA

“Yuval Ron Ensemble are fantastic!”
– Emily Randell, Playing for Change Foundation

“One of the most beautiful evenings we’ve had here. The music was gorgeous, and the spirit of the event really touched everyone. It felt like a prayer from way down deep. There were tears in many eyes, including mine.”
– Leslie Rodriguez, Managing Director, Dominican University Performing Arts Center, Chicago, IL