Concert Programs

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Concert Programs

The ensemble is currently performing eight different concert programs as follows:

PROGRAM 1: Unity of the Heart

Led by award-winning composer, producer, writer and peace activist, Yuval Ron, the interfaith Yuval Ron Ensemble unites East and West, Hebrew and Arabic, sacred and secular. A marriage of tradition and innovation. This exhilarating musical journey is full of joy, hope, and deep spirituality, celebrating the underlying unity shared by all people, regardless of nationality, race, religion, and culture.

PROGRAM 2: The Mystical Music of the Middle East

The Yuval Ron Ensemble includes Arabic, Jewish and Christian artists who come together to unite the sacred musical traditions of Judaism, Sufism (Islamic mystical tradition) and the Christian Armenian Church into an unusual musical celebration. Composer and world-music record producer Yuval Ron imparts the ancient and deep inter-cultural connection between these three traditions and the musical influences they share. The concert features songs of Sufi origin from Turkey, Jewish prayers from Morocco, Yemen and Israel and Armenian chants. With the addition of the colorful guest dancers this program is a feast for the senses!

PROGRAM 3: The Soul of Spain – a Concert for Peace

“An extraordinary testament to music’s transforming power and inspirational reach.” (KCRW, National Public Radio)
In a vivid program, the Yuval Ron Ensemble – with guest gypsy flamenco musicians and dancers – explores the Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Gypsy traditions of Andalusia, Spain. With fiery Flamenco, Moorish-Islamic, and Sephardic-Jewish music, fiery dance, and fascinating storytelling, the program delves deep into the Golden Age of Spain, a time of collaboration between the three Abrahamic faiths, which led to cultural and scientific peak achievements. The sublime and stirring guest gypsy-flamenco artists evoke Andalusia in the Middle Ages and with the Ensemble explore a vision for the 21st century as a new time of Convivencia (Living together in harmony), reconciliation, and promoting dialogue and collaboration among all communities worldwide.

PROGRAM 4: Buddha’s Awakening

A devotional concert with teaching stories of the life of Siddhartha, the Awakened One with special guest: Paul Livingston – sitar. An intimate, inspiring and uplifting experience.

PROGRAM 5: Seeker Of Truth

The Yuval Ron Ensemble performs the ecstatic music of the mystical Sufi traditions of Middle East and Central Asia

A pioneering endeavor in bringing together the Middle Eastern and South Asian vocal and musical traditions into a new exhilarating trance-induced accord.

PROGRAM 6: The Legend of the Baal Shem

A concert of devotional music and mystical story telling. From the Hassidic tradition, a Kabalistic influenced story about having children, the magic of prayer and finding true love! In the 18th century, the Baal Shem Tov founded the Hassidic movement and is considered one of the great mystic sages of all time. This is one of his most magical & beautiful stories! The concert features Klezmer music along with devotional music from the Middle East and a guest dancer.

PROGRAM 7: The Music of the Bedouins

Stories and songs from the Bedouins tribes of Sinai desert (Egypt) and the Negev desert (Israel). The concert includes field recordings done in the desert dunes, stories of travels with the Bedouins and a discussion of their relationship with women, nature and with the Israelis and Egyptians who control their tribal land. In addition to Bedouin music, the program includes Jewish and Arabic songs influenced by the Bedouins folk songs.

PROGRAM 8: The Seven Pillars of Wisdom Interfaith Concert

An uplifting concert of unity, grace, hope and deep spirituality with Native American flute master, R&B singer, Gospel singer, Rock guitarist, Hindu Sitar master, Arabic, Hebrew, Hispanic and Armenian singers plus the Yuval Ron Ensemble with Dervish Aziz, Armenian Woodwind Master Norik Manoukian and Sacred dancer Mayaya G.

St John Maya

PROGRAM 9: Earth Harp Meets Oud Concert

Ancient strings meets modern design in a unique concert program by award-winning composer and Oud master Yuval Ron and William Close, the inventor of the awe inspiring Earth Harp, a three hundred foot long instrument consisting of massive metal strings which is played with the assistance of special gloves. For the first time, sacred and folkloric music of the Middle East will be performed on the revolutionary musical design giant Earth Harp along with the traditional plucked string Oud (Middle Eastern lute) , Armenian woodwind (performed by master Norik Manoukian on Duduk, shvi flute and Zurna reed flute) and percussion (performed by Jamie Papish).

The Earth Harp is the largest stringed instrument on the planet. Invented by installation artist and musician William Close, the earth harp’s body rests on the stage while its golden strings soar above the heads of the audience and attach to the balcony rails, turning theater into instrument. Wearing gloves covered with violin rosin, Close runs his hands along the strings to create beautiful cello-like tones which resonate throughout the theater, creating a one-of-a-kind sensory experience that is felt by all.