A creative force in commercial music for marketing campaigns and branded content, Yuval Ron Music for Marketing is a brain child of veteran composer Yuval Ron and music producer &composer John Author responding to the ever-growing need for fresh, distinct, and innovative music that redefines the cutting-edge of marketing campaigns. Recent projects include Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 international campaign and LAX new International Terminal launch. Senior producer John Author has worked as an advertising agency producer for clients such as Apple Computer, McDonald’s, Blue Cross, Walmart, and Shiseido and as a composer for Sony Playstation, Activision, Apple, Dodge Cars & Trucks, and other video, TV, and films properties. Based in Los Angeles, our production team tailor all original musical scores to satisfy each client’s unique and creative vision. In addition, our music production library offer quality choices from hundreds of musical cues composed in numerous musical styles, some of which were featured in the shows such as: C.S.I, Superbowl’s Greatest Commercials, Manhunters, The Late Show w/ David Letterman, America Most Wanted and Modern Marvels among many more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5
Ground-breaking sound-visual video installations for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 in London, New York City, Amsterdam, Toronto, Singapore and Milan. In each city, we created a different musical theme that could evolve into 18 different variations throughout the day, as weather conditions such as temperature, wind and humidity change. Through these unique sound score installations, we used sound to affect emotions and perceptions, brightening up the day for thousands of viewers across the world, introducing them to the new Galaxy Tab 5 of Samsung.
Mitsubishi spot covering the great Isaac Hayes’ classic song “Shaft”

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