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Led by award-winning composer, producer, writer and peace activist, Yuval Ron, the interfaith Yuval Ron Ensemble unites East and West, Hebrew and Arabic, sacred and secular. A marriage of tradition and innovation. This exhilarating musical journey is full of joy, hope, and deep spirituality, celebrating the underlying unity shared by all people, regardless of nationality, race, religion, and culture.

September 15, 2017




  • WHAT: Unity of the Heart – A New Album Release
  • WHY: An inspiring musical response and antidote to current troubled times
  • WHO: The interfaith award-winning Yuval Ron Ensemble
  • WHERE: YuvalRonMusic.com/UnityOfTheHeart

Unity of the Heart - Yuval Ron Ensemble


Titled Unity of the Heart, the Yuval Ron Ensemble’s long-awaited new release is a refreshing musical antidote to current troubled times. In a world full of bitter divisions, hate, violence, terrorism, extremism, civil wars and refugee crisis, Unity of the Heart unites East and West, Hebrew and Arabic, sacred and secular.

Led by award winning composer, producer, writer and peace activist Yuval Ron, the interfaith Yuval Ron Ensemble’s new album showcases traditional Middle Eastern music with Western genres such as Soul, Rock, Pop and Gospel, to present a musical metaphor of unity. A marriage of tradition and innovation, this exhilarating musical journey is full of joy, hope and deep spirituality, celebrating the underlying unity shared by all people, regardless of nationality, race, religion and culture.


For the first time in the ensemble’s history, producer Yuval Ron incorporated the sounds of the electric guitar and bass, which expands and deepens the soulful expression of the ensemble. On several songs the B3 Jazz Organ enriches the arrangements with a warm and bluesy gospel tone.


Arguably, the two highlights of the album are the ensemble’s new Arabic and Hebrew renditions of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and John Lennon’s Imagine. The new soulful lyrics performed by Israeli vocalist Elinor Sitrish, Arabic singer Najwa Gibran, and the Israeli and Palestinian singers of the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus creates a poignant and spiritual experience for listeners. Hearing the ensemble’s new interpretations, one may be inspired and moved to work towards a vision of peace on earth and unity among the people of the world.


Formed in 1999, the Yuval Ron Ensemble endeavors to alleviate national, racial, religious and cultural divides by uniting the music and dance of the people of the Middle East into a unique mystical, spiritual and inspiring musical celebration. The leader, Yuval Ron is an Israeli composer and performer who has scored the Oscar-wining film West Bank Story PBS documentaries, created Multimedia installations for Samsung, site-specific performances at the Getty Center, performed the gala concert for the Dalai Lama’s Seeds of Compassion conference, among many other endeavors.


The Ensemble was invited by the King of Morocco to appear in the International Sacred Music Festival of Fez in 2009, they were also featured in the World Festival of Sacred Music in Los Angeles for four times, as well as the International Peace Festival in 2005 in Korea, to name but a few.


Album Credits:

The internationally renowned interfaith Yuval Ron Ensemble featuring Arabic vocals by Najwa Gibran, Hebrew vocals by Elinor Sitrish, Ladino vocals by Maya Haddi.
Norik Manoukian on woodwinds, Virginie Alimian on kanun, David Martinelli on percussion, Jamie Papish on percussion and drums, Reinchez Ng on electric guitar, Justin Stein on electric and acoustic bass, as well as artistic director Yuval Ron on oud, cumbus, sinter bass, harmonium and backup vocals.

Joined by guest artists Adam Del Monte on Flamenco guitar, Annie Lieberman on Spanish and English vocals, Wing Nok Cheung on organ and the interfaith YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus led by Micah Hendler.


For more information about this release, or to arrange an interview with Yuval Ron, please contact: info@yuvalronmusic.com or at www.yuvalronmusic.com

Tel: (818) 505-1355


Unity of the Heart – Album Release Concert

When: Sunday, October 29 at 4-6pm

Where: University Synagogue—11960 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90049


Yuval Ron Ensemble:

Najwa Gibran – Arabic vocals

Elinor Sitrish – Hebrew vocals, English vocals (track 8, 10)

Maya Haddi – Spanish-Ladino vocals (track 5)

Norik Manoukian – duduk, clarinet, shvi flute

Virginie Alimian – kanun

David Martinelli – riqq, tin can, dhol

Justin Stein – electric and acoustic bass

Reinchez Ng – electric guitar

Yuval Ron – oud, cumbus, sinter bass, harmonium, backup vocals

Jamie Papish – dumbak, tombak, daf, bendir, dhol, tin can, cajon, karkabas, bongos, drum set


Guest artists:


Adam Del Monte – Flamenco guitar (track 9)

Annie Lieberman – Spanish and English vocals (track 8)

Wing Nok Cheung – Organ: (tracks 8, 10)

The YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus (tracks 8, 10)

Artistic Director: Micah Hendler

Conducted by Joshua Rosenberg


Production Credits:

Musical Arrangements: Yuval Ron

Sound editing: Eiji Jon Mitsuta, Reinchez Ng, Wing Nok Cheung

Production manager: Wing Nok Cheung

Recorded and mixed at YRM Studios, Los Angeles

Hebrew Calligraphy: Elinor Sitrish

Arabic Calligraphy: Marun Tannus

Cover design: Stacey Clark of Note Pad


Thank you to all the artists for their talent, camaraderie and good heart, Marun Tannus for his generous heart, advice, and artistry, Elinor Sitrish for her art, Rabbi Haim Ovadia for Yonat, Silan for her design ideas and Carolyne for her support, joy and love.


Jewish Yemenite traditional

Lyrics: Rabbi Shalom Shabazi (17th century Yemen)

Ahavat Hadaso a—-l lavovi niksharoh

Ahavat Hadaso a—-l lavovi niksharoh

wa’ani batoch joloh poamei tzolalim

wa’ani batoch joloh poamei tzolalim.

Ahavat yechidati letov – vetov el neharah

Ahavat yechidati letov – vetov el neharah

wa’ani batoch joloh poamei tzolalim

wa’ani batoch joloh poamei tzolalim.


Love of Hadasa is on my heart
it was hooked on my heart
and I’m inside an occasional diaspora
an occasional plunging diaspora

The love of my only one for good
and good to the light

and I’m inside an occasional diaspora
an occasional plunging diaspora

Ani Le Dodi

Music: Yuval Ron

Lyrics: Yuval Ron based on Song of Songs


Ana halakh dodekh

Hayafa banashim

Ana pana dodekh

Unvak-shei-nu imakh



Dodi yarad

le arugot habo-o-sem

Lir-ot bagani—im

Velil-kot sho-sha-nim



Ah, ah, ah


Ani ledodi

Ve dodi li


Where did your Beloved go,

You, the most beautiful woman among us,

Where did your Beloved turn

We came to look for him at your place


My Beloved went down

To the fields of perfumes

To shepherd in the gardens

And to pick roses


I am for my Beloved,

And my Beloved for me

© Yuval Ron Music (ASCAP)

Wa Habibi

Marunite Catholic traditional

Wa Habibi

Wa Habibi

Ayu Halen

Anta fi

Man ra aka

Fa shajaaka

Anta anta

Il muftadi

Ya Habibi

Ayu thanben

Hamalal aH du banie

Faaza du ka jirakhan

Lai safia minshifa


My beloved, my beloved
What state are you in?
He who sees you, for you would cry
You are the one and only sacrifice

My beloved,
What blame have the nations put upon you?
They melted you with wounds,
To which no healing would do


Music: Iraqi-Jewish traditional

Lyrics: Rabbi Yehuda Halevi (11th Century Spain)

Yonat rekhokim nadeda yaara

Kashla velo yakhla lehit-na-hara

Hitofefa, hitnofefa khofefa (X2)

Saviv ledoda sokhara, soara…..

Vataamin nafsha velo noasha

Im kaveda bishmo veim tzaara

Yavo elohoheinu veal yekherash (x2)

Al kol sevivav esh meod nisara


A dove from faraway wondered into the forest

She tripped and fell and could not shake off her load

Then, she started flying, blowing in the wind, in circles

Around her Beloved she rapidly turned in emotional storm


And her soul had faith and didn’t lost hope

When his Name was a heavy load or in sorrowful times

Our God will arrive and will not remain silent

Around all His surrounding intense fire exist 

Los Bilbilicos Buleria

Rom-Gypsy / Spanish Jewish traditional


ay que llanto en toda España

por tus alas podría

con la fé y la palabra

mucho mil espinaría

y sí d-s así lo quizó

mucho mil espinaría

ay que llanto en toda España

por tus alas podría


los bilbilicos cantan

en los arbos de la flor

los bilbilicos cantan en los arbos de la flor

debasho se asentan

los que sufren del amor

debasho se asentan los que sufren del amor



What a cry in all of Spain

For all the Jews (Juderia)

With the faith and the word

Many thousands would lament

And if God wanted it like this

Many thousands would lament

There is cry in all of Spain

For all the Jews (Juderia)



The nightingales sing in the flower trees

Underneath they nest

Those of suffer from love

Underneath they nest

Those of suffer from love

Dror Yikra ala Maroc

Music: Yuval Ron / Moroccan Andalusi Jewish traditional

Lyrics: Rabbi Dunash ibn Labrat (10th Century Andalusia, Spain)























He will proclaim freedom for all his children
And will keep you as the apple of his eye
Pleasant is your name and will not be destroyed
Repose and rest on the Sabbath day.

Seek my sanctuary and my home.
Give me a sign of deliverance.
Plant a vine in my vineyard.
Look to my people, hear their laments.

Eshal Elohai 

Music: Yuval Ron / Yemenite – Jewish traditional

Lyrics: Rabbi Shalom Sharabi (18th Century, Yemen)

Eshal Eloha-a-a-a-ay

yigaal sheh vu i-im,  sheh vu i-im , sheh vu im X2

Yisof zeru i – i –  i-  im

Yisof zeru im                                                 X4

Bizkhut meHa ne -e -e -e a- av

hamon lego im, le go i – i – im, le go im                         X2

Yizku le Ha i – i – i – im

yizku le Ha im                                                                   X4


Tzur Menoti waHemdat Helagi, Helage

Tzur Menoti waHemdat Helage

Tzur Meno—ti waHemdat


Tzur Meno-ti

Tzur Meno—ti waHemdat



I will ask my God to redeem the hostages

He will gather the seeds


Thanks to the camp of the father

Abundance for the people

They will be granted life

My share and the adorable part in the Divine Rock


Music and original lyrics: John Lennon

Hebrew lyrics by Noa

Arabic Lyrics: Khaled

Spanish Lyrics: Annie Lieberman


Bat uron wa-awam                                                    After centuries & years

Tit khak a kul lil hakhla                                                          All the dreams will come true 

Ranin etkhin lal yom, il yom, il yom                                   The loud sounds will soften 

Esalam fil kol                                                                  Peace in the world

Wama wou-rou lil hayam                                              And with time

Salam fil kul makom                                                  There will be peace in every place

Hebrew Verse:

Damyen olam bli pakhad                                       Imagine a world without fear

Olam lelo sinah                                                             A world without hate

Shebo nikhye beyakhad                                                    In which we will live together

Olan shel ahavah                                                                     A world of love

Nivne atid leshneinu                                                    We will build a future for both of us

Beoto makom                                                                        in the same place

Spanish Verse:

Imagina que no hay países                                                Imagine there’s no countries

No es difícil de hacer                                                 It’s isn’t hard to do

No eye paraque matar ni morir                               No need for greed or hunger

Ni division tampoco                                                       And no division too

Imagina a toda la gente,                                                       Imagine all the people

Vivir la vida en paz …                                                            Living life in peace


You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the word will live as one

Perfume of Love

Music: Najwa Gibran and Yuval Ron

Lyrics: Nazir Qabbani

Perfume of Love


I hadn’t told them about you

But they saw you bathing in my eyes

I had not told them about you

But they saw you in my written words

The perfume of love cannot be concealed


Music and original lyrics by Leonard Cohen

Arabic lyrics by Marun Tannus

Arabic Verse:

Amilt Al Matloub Wumaknsh Ikteer

Fa’d Al Ihsas Jarapt Al lams

Wana Uolt Alhag Min Gheer khida’a

Wraghm Eli Kan Kolo Ekhta’

Walee Al Mothoul Amam Rub Al Ghina’

Wumafee A’l Sanee Gheer Haleluya

Haleluya Haleluya Haleluya Haleluya


I did my best, it wasn’t much
I couldn’t feel, so I tried to touch
I’ve told the truth, I didn’t come to fool you
And even though it all went wrong
I’ll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

English Verse:

You say I took your name in vein

I don’t even know the name

But if I did, well really what’s it to ya

There’s a blaze of light in every word

It doesn’t matter which you’ve heard

The holy or the broken, Hallelujah

Hebrew Verse (same meaning as English verse above):

Ulay nasati shem la’shav,

An’lo mamash zocher achsav

Haim ze meshane lecha, madua?

Be’khol mila ve’shem yesh or

Ve’lo khasuv im ha’mizmor

who shever, oh shlemut shel, Hallelujah

transaltion of Arabic verse:

I am have took your name in vein

I don’t really remember now

Does it make any diference to you now,? Why does it?

In every word and name there is Light

And it does not matter if the song is broken or perfection, Hallelujah