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Through his collaborations with pioneer healers Dr. Richard Gold and Robert Monroe, neuroscientists Dr. Andrew Newberg, and Mark Robert Waldman, and artists Marcos Lutyens, Audrius Plioplys and Guy Ben-Ari, composer Yuval Ron has created outstanding music for healing Body & Mind, These beautiful musical tracks are informed by ancient wisdom traditions and the most current advances in neuroscience and music therapy research.



Brain Entrainment Music!
Each volume includes an embedded musical pulse
which will synchronize with the listener’s
brain waves and modulate it to Alpha wave frequencies,
resulting in increased relaxation.

Six Healing Sounds of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Healing music based on the philosophy of Chinese medicine invoking the Elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Triple Warmer. Informed by the most currently accepted theories in neuroscience on the effects of sound vibrations on the brain and consciousness, this music also incorporates musical therapy research and practice relating to the impact of musical modes on the brain and the sense of well-being. This merging of ancient wisdom and contemporary science is the basis for this musical composition, whose purpose is to provide not only a delightful musical experience but to enhance health, facilitate the smooth flow of bio-energy through body & mind, relieve stress, and contribute to a general sense of well- being and relaxation.

Dosha Music of AyurvedicMedicine

Dosha Music of Ayurvedic Medicine

Aural Journey through the Doshas of Ayurvedic Medicine is inspired by and created to help harmonize the three Doshas known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. An important, fundamental aspect of Ayurvedic medicine the Three Doshas are the primary forces that are responsible for the characteristics and functionality of our mind and body. Featuring the highly respected Kirtan singer, Jai Uttal, these tracks also utilize brain entrainment beats that help create deep meditative states. Brain entrainment is based on leading theories of modern neuroscience and the beneficial effect of sound on the brain.This album is recommended to help deepen relaxation, meditation, healing work, massage, yoga,intimacy, mental focus and artistic inspiration.


Climate Interactive Therapeutic Sound Score

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Ground-breaking sound-visual art installation in collaboration with world-renowned artist Marcos Lutyens. Six different installations were created in six densely populated cities such as London, New York City and Milan. In each city, we created a different musical theme that could evolve into 18 different variations throughout the day,as weather conditions such as temperature, wind and humidity change. Through these unique sound score installations, Yuval Ron used sound to affect emotions and perceptions, brightening up the day for thousands of passersby across the world. This complex international project was presented by SamSung.

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To listen to the healing music tracks of Yuval Ron and read more about his collaborations with Dr. Richard Gold, using sound to promote and deepen well-being, happiness, yoga, tai chi, qigong, body work modalities, mindfulness and creativity please visit: