CIHS presents : Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science : Explorations in Sound Healing

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CIHS presents:

Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science :

Explorations in Sound Healing

with Dr. Rick Gold and Yuval Ron.


A part of the CIHS 30-Year Anniversary Series:

Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science: Explorations in Sound Healing with Dr. Rick Gold and Yuval Ron


The therapeutic utilization of sound and music, one of the oldest if not the oldest healing modalities on the planet, in recent years has become one of the most sought after and researched techniques of our time.

The use of sound as a healing technique precedes recorded human history.

The use of sound as a healing technique and in spiritual rituals is mentioned in the oldest texts of many traditions from across the globe.

The first known use of music as a healing force comes from the Australian Aborigines who are known to have used the didgeridoo as a healing tool for more than 40,000 years.

In recent years, the therapeutic field of Sound Healing has gained significant acceptance by modern medicine and science due to its effective applications in studies and clinical practice.

With the development of fMRi (functional magnetic resonance imagery) in 1991, the science of sound healing has progressed dramatically from a research/scientific perspective. The fMRi allows us to observe brain functions in real time.

fMRI detects brain activity by measuring the changes in both the amount of oxygen in the blood and the amount of blood flow. This measurement is known as blood-oxygen-level-dependent activity. This allows scientists to determine the influence of varied stimuli on brain activity: the precise location of brain activity and frequency.


This presentation will explore the use of sound in the healing and meditative traditions of China and India. Attendees will be encouraged to participate in some activities.
In addition, current research will be presented and discussed.
Of special interest will be emerging research in the field of neuroscience and the treating of cognitive function.
Dr. Gold and Yuval will also share the groundbreaking work of his production company, Metta Mindfulness Music in the realm of plant music.


Date: Wednesday, September 14st, 2022 at 6:00pm PST


Admission: $25 suggested donation


Location: Zoom event



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