Eastern Wisdom Meets Western Neuroscience – Evolving Through Sacred Sound and Meditation

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Zen Buddhism, Hinduism with Nada Yoga, Kabbalistic Judaism, Contemplative Christianity, and Sufi Islam—you don’t need an advanced degree in world religion to let the wisdom of these five ancient spiritual paths guide you on a sojourn into song and soul.

Join internationally renowned musician and composer Yuval Ron for this unique experiential seminar based on his work with master spiritual teachers of the East and neuroscientists of the West.  Through walking and sound meditations, sacred movement from Zen, Hebrew, and Sufi sources, ecstatic chanting meditations, storytelling, poetry, and live oud music by Yuval, you will learn:

  • The introspective and ecstatic practices of five ancient spiritual paths
  • Scientifically proven sounds and meditations to lower stress, anxiety, depression, and anger
  • Chants to open your heart and amplify your compassion
  • Spiritual practices shown to change the brain-enhancing memory, cognition, and awareness.

This 5-day program offers a profound spiritual experience. Bathe in the angelic and earth-moving talent of Yuval Ron and go deep into the world of meditation, ancient ritual, brain science, and sound to heal, expand your consciousness, and lighten your heart.