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A 13-Week Webinar Series

November 12, 2022 through March 4, 2023

Co-Sponsored by Sufi Center Minnesota

“Sound is the future medicine.” – Yuval Ron

The University of Sufism would like to invite you to our exciting new program, “Healing Sounds of the Wisdom Traditions” with Yuval Ron. In this unique 13-week program, students will experience the healing power of sacred sound from spiritual traditions around the world. From the melodic instruments of the Ancient East to the cutting-edge, science-backed sounds of the modern era, each week will be an immersion into these artful healing practices.

Your guide will be Yuval Ron: world-renowned musician, award-winning composer and author, peace activist, and record producer. Yuval will take students on a fascinating journey into a number of ancient traditions—including Sufism, Kabbala, and Nada Yoga—and illuminate how these lineages used music, chanting, movement, and meditation to instill peace and bring about healing. Each week’s lesson will be highly experiential as Yuval leads participants through healing practices that include music, movement, and meditation.

There are no prerequisites for this program—all who want to learn about the healing possibilities of sacred sound and music are encouraged to join! New and advanced healers will enjoy learning about the vast healing capacity that music has offered humanity through the ages—those whose hearts are nourished by heartfelt, restorative music will also find this program deeply satisfying.

Everyone is invited to enjoy this beautiful program and experience the golden message of love and beauty that moves inside all the world’s sacred musical traditions.

Program Info

Tuition for this 13-week program is $650

Payment plans are available

If you would like to learn more about whether this is the right program for you,
schedule a personal call with our admissions director!

Rahma Tracy Caraway
1-800-238-3060 ext 701