Music, Mind & Medicine: The healing potentials of Music and Sound

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Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Student Council Proudly Presents:

Music, Mind & Medicine
The healing potentials of Music and Sound
within Traditional Chinese and
Ayurvedic Medicines

A 3 hour experiential lecture-demonstration by Dr Richard Gold and Composer Yuval Ron

Utilizing the ancient wisdom traditions of India & China along with the modern scientific understanding of sound & neuroscience , Dr. Richard Gold and award-winning composer, author and performer Yuval Ron will present a three hour lecture, demonstration, performance and an experiential audience participation event. This fun and educational event will feature a live musical performance by Yuval Ron on the Oud (a middle Eastern lute). Dr. Gold will lead the attendees in the Six Healing Sounds Qi Gong (Liu Zi Jue) and Aum chanting for invoking the three Doshas of Ayurvedic Medicine. Additionally, Yuval Ron will discuss the strategies he utilizes in the creation of healing sounds music and the pyscho-accoustic affects of sound.

The concept of brain entrainment will be presented along with the use of sound to enhance meditative consciousness. Dr. Gold will describe the research being sponsored by Metta Mindfulness Music on the measurable effects of the Six Healing Sounds on the bio-energy of human subjects. For more about Yuval Ron and Dr Richard Gold sound healing projects please visit: and

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
7445 Mission Valley Rd.
San Diego, 92108
Room 119

Admission to PCOM Faculty and Alumni: $5

General Admission: $45

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