Pacific Symposium – Sound Healing and Brain Health

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Dr. Richard Gold with Composer Yuval Ron will be presenting at Pacific Symposium’s 35th anniversary this Fall in person or live-streamed(morning) on Friday, November 3.  Sound healing is integral to traditional Chinese medicine.The Chinese word for ‘medicine ‘ -藥 (yao) is derived from the character for music -樂 (yue), by adding the upper part 草, which refers to ‘herbs’. In the Nei Jing, each element is assigned a key. The energy and physiology of both the mind and body can be impacted by sound. In recent years, advancements in neuroscience and in the technology of the fMRI have brought scientific rigor into gaining a greater understanding of the impact of sound. Even more recently, discoveries have been made regarding the specific importance of 40Hz gamma waves. Neurons of the brain communicate at 40Hz. A diminishment of 40Hz activity in the brain has been identified in cases of cognitive decline, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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