[Recorded Encore Broadcast] The Profound Power of Sound Healing

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Join us for the recorded encore broadcast of immersive series of sound-healing sessions led by world-renowned faculty — and emerge feeling relaxed, centered, and ready to take on the rest of the day with renewed energy and focus.


Join The Shift Network for a special event on Tuesday, July 13, and experience how you can unlock the extraordinary healing potential of sound for your mind, body, and spirit. Then you’ll learn how you can share this profound healing with others by integrating sound into your professional practice to transform lives and uplift your community.

John Stuart Reid, Yuval Ron, Jeralyn Glass, the Brothers Koren, Barry Goldstein, Chloë Goodchild, Christine Stevens, and more will share their gifts and insights into the latest sound-healing science and its practical application and therapies. They’ll explain how you can cultivate and refine your skills and abilities to heal yourself and serve others with confidence.

In this extraordinary hour-long exploration, you’ll explore:

  • How music medicine is changing the face of patient care in clinical settings 
  • How frequency medicine can address everything from heart issues to kidney stones
  • How pioneering wisdom can equip you to become a transformational voice leader — no matter your skill level 
  • A soothing guided practice to create a sacred space 
  • Ways of shifting out of your brain’s ruminating default mode and into the pulse of the present moment 
  • How you can apply sound healing to your profession 
  • How three current Sacred Sound Healer Training Program students are already actively working as sound healers

You’ll also experience a preview of The Shift Network’s upcoming year-long Sacred Sound Healer Training Program, a one-of-a-kind program that made waves when they launched it for the first time last year…

Now, due to popular demand, they’re opening the doors to this program once again. Join this event and look toward the future of sound healing, and allow the frequencies and vibrations to carry us into a hopeful new era of healing for ourselves and our world. 

Register to join us here: The Profound Power of Sound Healing: How the Sacred Sound Healer Training Program Will Transform You, Your Life & Your Career