Rumi: The Way of the Heart with Yuval Ron and TAMIR

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Rumi: The Way of The Heart” is a rich blend of the soulful verse of the great illuminated being, Rumi a 13th Century Sufi saint and Pillar of Islam.  Amidst the uplifting sounds of the reed flute and dumbek, the lyrical poetry weaves a powerful spell that will transport the listener to a higher reality through their stories of love, separation and spiritual transformation.  An inner journey through the quest of the soul, “The Way of the Heart” is a performance of ecstatic Rumi poetry and colorful Sufi teaching stories recited and performed by TAMIR and performed with Yuval Ron.

Traditionally known as Sema, this is a universal gathering where lovers of God of all faiths and religions gather together to be attuned through deep inner listening to the inward way of the heart. A program of ecstatic poetry and teaching stories of Rumi, TAMIR is accompanied by Middle Eastern music and song on the Oud, flute and Daf performed by Yuval Ron. This performance is a timely reminder of the vital richness and life lessons of the timeless wisdom of Rumi that transcend so-called divisions. In the matter of faith and inner awareness, we are one. The Way of the Heart takes you on a journey of the spiritual aspirant beginning with the stage of longing, the call to wake up, the Honeymoon phase, separation, the need for sacrifice and the greatness, a stage where we surrender and open our hearts to the Divine and rise to our true greatness.

Allow TAMIR to awaken the soul of Rumi within you. Stunning!” Dr. Wayne Dyer

TAMIR is certainly traveling this way of the heart. She is good company.” Coleman Barks

TAMIR’s voice is smooth and sultry, perfect for reciting Rumi.”  – NY Spirit