Sacred Music Retreat with Yuval Ron

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Please join us for this very special three day sacred music retreat in the sanctuary haven of Sky Oaks Ranch. Guided by world-renowned and award-winning musician, composer, producer, author and peace activist, Yuval Ron, we will journey deep into sacred music, chanting, movement, meditation and spiritual mindfulness for a beautiful, enriching, blissful experience and mystic celebration.

We come together, surrounded by nature, as Yuval shares his wisdom and musical passion, and guides us on an adventure through time and around the world with the ancient songs, chants, prayers and mysticism of Kabbalistic-Judaism, Early Contemplative Christianity, Sufi-Islam, the sound meditations of Nada Yoga, Ayurveda, Qi Gong and into today with cutting-edge, science-backed sounds of the modern era. All creating a deep and dynamic sound experience that opens the heart, deepens our inner explorations, instills peace and well-being, brings compassion and love as the light to our consciousness and elevates our soulful, sacred music circle as an act of healing and joyous connection in ourselves and the world at large.

Welcome to an experiential and ecstatic weekend together to fill our souls… 

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