The Soul of Spain

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Yuval Ron Ensemble featuring

Manuel Gutierrez, Elinor Sitrish and Andres Vadin

“An extraordinary testament to music’s transforming power and inspirational reach.” (KCRW, National Public Radio)

In a vivid program, the Yuval Ron Ensemble – with guest gypsy flamenco musicians and dancers – explores the Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Gypsy traditions of Andalusia, Spain. With fiery Flamenco, Moorish-Islamic and Sephardic-Jewish music, fiery dance and fascinating story telling, the program delves deep into the Golden Age of Spain, a time of collaboration between the three Abrahamic faiths, which led to cultural and scientific peak achievements. The sublime and stirring guest gypsy-flamenco artists evoke Andalusia in the Middle Ages and with the Ensemble explore a vision for the 21st century as a new time of Convivencia (Living together in harmony), reconciliation and promoting dialogue and collaboration among all communities worldwide.

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