Torah of the Revolutionary Heart: Shavuot Revelations @ 8:30 PST

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Led by Yuval Ron, Maggid Jonathan Furst, & Susala Kay
Saturday, May 30, 8:30p-9:45p PST
Part of the Up All Night: Torah for Liberation and Revelation Shavuot Celebration

Hear and bless the Torah of the Revolutionary Heart, the first fruits of our dreams, projects and efforts to incite a peaceful revolution led by the heart. This time of the Omer count and shelter-in-place has provided fertile ground for a worldwide change in consciousness. Share your revelations, join the revolution, and make commitments for next steps in creating a better world through song, meditation and show-and-tell.

This workshop draws on a Passover through Shavuot project to incite a peaceful revolution led by the heart. Visit The Revolutionary Heart Omer journey ( to learn more and follow daily omer prompts.

This project is the latest iteration of The Revolutionary Heart, which originated in 2017 and was created in ritual at JeWitch camp. It began as a political art project that people pinned on to it their hopes and dreams for the world they want to live in, It has traveled to many protests and rituals across the west coast.

Yuval Ron is a world-renowned musician, composer, teacher and spiritual activist for Middle-Eastern peace. Find out about his work and the Yuval Ron Ensemble at

Maggid Jonathan Furst is the founder of Derech HaAretz Outdoor Yeshiva and coordinator of the Revolutionary Heart Omer journey ( He is also a cofounder and steward of JeWitch Collective and JeWitch Camp.

Sala Kay is a cofounder of JeWitch Collective and Camp as well as a student in Aleph’s Earth-based Judaism Rabbinic ordination track program.

Shavuot is a holiday that commemorates the traditional anniversary of Jews receiving the Torah. To celebrate, we stay up late studying Torah in a custom called Tikkun Leyl Shavuot, or “Rectification for Shavuot Night.” This year, as COVID-19 prevents us from gathering in person, radical and leftist synagogues from cities across the country are virtually joining together for a late night of learning. We’ll also be raising money for a number of causes and campaigns: Ezra Uganda Assistance Fund, Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, Black Mama’s Bail Out. More info at

Sponsored by Hinenu, Kadima (Seattle), Kehillah (Bay Area), Kol Tzedek (Philadelphia), Kolot Chayeinu (Brooklyn), T’chiyah (Detroit), Tzedek (Chicago), New Synagogue Project (DC)