Reviews of Film Scores

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“ Your music is stunning ” (for a scene in “Samsara”)
– Mark Magidson, producer of “Samsara” and “Baraka”

“Wonderful score…a job superbly done!” (about Proteus)
– Steven Smith, Film music critic and writer, Los Angeles

“…brilliant…interesting and inspired…”
– Patrice Leconte, Director

“…very good as movie music… ”
– Werner Herzog, Director

“PHENOMENAL job with West Bank Story. I really loved it!”
– Steve Desmond, Writer/Director, Life or Breath

“I LOVED it! Great music!” (about West Bank Story)
– Salvador Litvak, Writer/Director, Pictures from the Fringe Prod.

“Profound and mystical. I love it.”
– Daniel Faraldo, Writer and Actor

“….wonderful music…”
– Gary Pollard, Film Director, Docfest, New York

“Thank you for your music, your feeling, your ferment, your ferocity, fertility, emotion, thank you…”
– Mercedes Farriois, Director

“The music by Yuval Ron is very interesting…” (about Proteus)
– Michael Weldon, The Psychotronic Video Guide to Film