A Concert for Peace and Unity – with the Yuval Ron Ensemble featuring female Whirling Dervish Anna, Sukhawat Ali Khan and Pezhham Akhavass

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The Yuval Ron Ensemble brings to Chochmat Halev the devotional and ecstatic music of both Sufism and Judaism and a new exhilarating experience of Unity.  With the sacred movement of the female Whirling Dervish Anna, the soulful singing of Sukhawat Ali Khan, the stunning Guest Percussionist Pezhham Akhavass, and the creative direction and sound of Oud master Yuval Ron, this program will elevate the spirit and inspire the experience of Divine Union.

The concert will begin with a Havdalah Ritual as we weave together day and night, contemplation and celebration, separation and the collective.

Yuval Ron is an Oscar winning composer, story teller, author, educator, record producer and Oud master.

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