Healing Power of Sound, In-Person Retreat- Chanting and sound meditations

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Join master teacher and award winning composer Yuval Ron as he pairs cutting-edge scientific discoveries from the field of neuroscience with sacred teachings on sound and music.

The therapeutic effect that music has on the brain’s structure has become increasingly apparent as the medical community discovers what the ancient wisdom traditions have known for centuries—sacred sound, music, and practices have the power to alter the way the brain works, creating profound benefits to both physical and mental health.

In this program, Yuval Ron will give a fascinating and far-reaching perspective on how music impacts our brain and well-being. Yuval will share his experience and knowledge of healing sound and music practices from Nada Yoga, Ayurveda, Sufism, Kabbalah, Early Christianity, Chinese Medicine expanding on the neurobiological as well as spiritual dimensions of each.

Every class will include musical demonstrations, along with relevant theory and research. These practices in sacred sound and music will elevate your personal healing—and have the potential to enhance and inform the modalities you use to help heal others.

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