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Gypsy, Roma, Turkish Meets Israel & Armenia

Visiting Turkey last year, I became in love with the wonderful soulful music I heard there. In specific, the Roma Gypsy heart breaking music which I heard when clarinet maestro Ferit Benli, virtuoso percussionist Ali Durac and myself jammed in their hometown of Bergeme near Izmir. Although the Roma people originated from Northern India, they [...]

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The Sophistication of TOTAL Theater

Last night I had the unique pleasure of visiting the campus of Cal Arts to see a student production of Lorca’s masterpiece, “The House of Alba”. In these troubled times marked by an aggressive, vulgar, simplistic, violent and shallow popular culture, it seems to me that Cal Arts have managed to nurture a completely different [...]

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Between the Notes on the Piano

In many of my lectures I have talked about the notes we – living  in Western Culture – have lost. The notes that are “allowed” in Western music – the 12 notes of the piano, are very limited pallet of sounds. Actually, several hundreds years ago we still had more than the 12 piano notes [...]

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Music Now Available for Purchase!

Greetings my friends, I wanted to announce a new feature of our Yuval Ron Ensemble facebook page. You can now listen to samples of all my CDs, and make purchases, directly from Facebook! ** Facebook | Yuval Ron Ensemble | Listen and Buy ** Be sure to click “Like” to keep in touch with my [...]

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Israeli, Bedouin, Sacred Israeli, Jewish Music

In February-March 2011 I had the honor and the pleasure to lead a two week residency at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) focus on the untold chapters of Israeli music and culture, its roots in the ancient Kingdom of Israel and its relationship to Arabic music and culture. The series opened with a [...]

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Mystical Music & Dance of the Middle East It has been 10 years since a humble group of artists presented a one time concert in Santa Monica, California. It was called “A Concert for Peace”, by Yuval Ron and Friends. Now 10 years later – after many tours around the world, peace missions to Israel, Palestine, Morocco, Turkey, Korea and more – [...]

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Gypsy Flamenco Meets Andalusi Hebrew Music To celebrate the end of this exciting summer I am bringing together my full ensemble with Dervish Aziz, for another performance of ‘Seeker of Truth” (see video clip insert). This is a pioneering endeavor in bringing together the Middle Eastern and South Asian vocal and musical traditions into a new exhilarating trance-induced accord.  We [...]

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Sacred Hebrew Musical Traditions

I just came back home from a magical concert tour of the heart of Spain – Andalusia. This tour launched a new collaboration with the Gypsy Flamenco artists of Jerez. I brought with me a quartet of the Yuval Ron Ensemble ( Maya Haddi – vocals, Norik Manoukian – woodwinds, Jamie Papish – percussion, and [...]

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