Seeking Meaning, Truth, & the Spiritual Path

Seeking Meaning, Truth, & the Spiritual Path

June 26, 2011. Sat. evening on the beautiful coast of Northern California. Arriving in Esalen Institute is like landing in a picture perfect of the Garden of Eden! The farm and gardens are even more beautiful than during last August when I came for the first time.  Being alone, I got to eat quietly seating on the grass looking over the blue waves of Pacific Ocean. Esalen is possibly the most well known and respected center for self development and spiritual growth. Interested people and pioneer master teachers from all over the world have been drowned to come here for the last 50 years!
I am teaching a seminar on Mysticism of Music and working on my book focused on music, spirituality and promotion of peace. What a great setting for introspective work and for writing!

I am eating my dinner slowly, and truly enjoying every bite. This food tastes stronger and healthier than any other food I have ever eaten! Being alone I could really feel every nuance in this food, freshly picked up from the earth just few hours ago by the good people who farm this rich land. I smell the salty clean ocean air. It is so good. This is paradise!

Few days later, my workshops are so well received that I have been invited to come again and teach here for a whole month next year. I hope we will work it out.

I love my students – all seekers of meaning and truth – and I feel so much love and appreciation coming out of them. They are beautiful people. They work in the farm during the day and study with me at night. The spiritual teaching is in nature and in the earth. The work is not only done in the classroom during the seminar, but it also continues beyond the classroom as the seekers work the earth and service in the kitchen in the magnificent land of Esalen.

The stillness, quiet and disconnection from the outside world allow time to truly appreciate the beauty surrounding us such as the flowers, the skies and the birds, and this experience is intensified at Esalen. This is a place to look deeply, to see and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. It is a place that pulls inward, as the ocean and the constant sound of waves are providing a constant hypnotic soundtrack. It is a very good place to work on my book, isolated from the world, the routine and the daily chores. I will soon be back here for another teaching seminar during July 17-22, 2011 to teach with Mark Waldman about  Music, Spirituality and the Brain. Fascinating seminar!

I hope to see you too at Esalen sometime in the future!

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