Gypsy, Roma, Turkish Meets Israel & Armenia

Gypsy, Roma, Turkish Meets Israel & Armenia

Visiting Turkey last year, I became in love with the wonderful soulful music I heard there. In specific, the Roma Gypsy heart breaking music which I heard when clarinet maestro Ferit Benli, virtuoso percussionist Ali Durac and myself jammed in their hometown of Bergeme near Izmir. Although the Roma people originated from Northern India, they have adapted to many cultures from central Asia all the way to Spain, and in Turkey they developed a unique type of Turkish folkloric style of music and dance. This summer, I am bringing them to Los Angeles for the first time, to share their version of the music of the Mediterranean Sea. This would be a unique opportunity to hear that Gypsy Turkish type of music that normally we don’t hear in America.

This premier concert will take place on July 5 2012 and will be titled “Across the Blue Sea”. The Mediterranean Sea is the bond that connects the people of Israel, Greece and Turkey. Even though conflicts separate these people, they all adore the same food, music and dance. Music and food is a fruit of human connection and collaboration. It has the power to ease tensions and to unite people from opposing cultures together.

Along with the Gypsy Roma musicians, the concert would feature the stunning Israeli dancer Maya G Karasso, who has being dancing with the Yuval Ron Ensemble for the last 12 years. Maya will not be the only dancer in this special concert as we are intending to get the whole audience dancing by the end of the evening.

I hope you will join us for this celebration on Thursday, July 5, 2012, at 8:00 PM, at Temple Emanuel 300 North Clark, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

You may get the better priced advance tickets online: $20 at


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