Amazing Tour to Cuba with Yuval Ron Ensemble

Just announced: $500 discount for all participants of the Yuval Ron Ensemble Concert Tour to Cuba! Thanks to the historic changes in major airline travel to Cuba, our upcoming trip is now more affordable, convenient, flexible, and faster. We have removed the expensive cost of charter flights from the program rate so that you can [...]

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Meditation + Music = Powerful Medicine

Meditation has been known to be a powerful remedy for anxiety, fear, depression, high blood pressure and other debilitating emotional disorders. In recent times, numerous studies have show that the brains of meditators are significantly healthier, more developed, and more complex than the brains of non-practitioners. In 2011, Harvard graduate Sara Lazar and her team [...]

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Concerts of Mystical Music

I have recently had the great privilege of curating an ongoing series of musical performances at the University of Philosophical Research. I had originally been introduced to the University and the Society of Philosophical Research when I was scoring David Lebrun’s film, Proteus several years ago. It was during that time David visited the University’s [...]

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Music, Dance, & Spirituality

India has always been a place of wonder. With its beautiful heritage that traces back thousands of years, India is granted to be stimulating and inspiring. Its abundance of richness in tradition and culture makes it one of the most exotic places on earth, and often rewarding to those seeking to explore the intimate and [...]

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Desert Blues

The ancient music of the Near East, especially the one that originated from Bagdad has such a nourishing impact on the soul. This music blossomed out of a civilization that during the 8th century (CE) developed a huge library of wisdom, mostly from Greek sources,  translated into Arabic. During that times the Khalifs of Bagdad [...]

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Better You & A Better World

Seeking meaning and truth in Esalen. I wrote this few years ago, and every word ring true today.: Arriving in Esalen Institute is like landing in a picture perfect of the Garden of Eden! The farm and gardens are even more beautiful than during last August when I was here last time. Being alone, I [...]

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Re-Birthing Your Inner Voice

Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California is my favorite place on earth for the sacred work of exploring our inner world. It is an organic farm land, located right on the cliff over looking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, a sacred land for the Native people in the past, and for the last 50 years it [...]

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5-Star Reviews of “Divine Attunement”

It is such a heart warming experience for me to see the many five stars reviews posted on Amazon.com. Some of the readers offered quotes and insights which truly expand on the book itself. One mentioned a lovely quote by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes: “One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do [...]

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