Desert Blues

Desert Blues

The ancient music of the Near East, especially the one that originated from Bagdad has such a nourishing impact on the soul. This music blossomed out of a civilization that during the 8th century (CE) developed a huge library of wisdom, mostly from Greek sources,  translated into Arabic. During that times the Khalifs of Bagdad summoned to their courts the best scholars and musicians who maintained a sophisticated complex culture and scholarship. Their treasures of wisdom and culture were then brought by the Moors to Andalusia, Spain, into Europe, providing the foundations for the European renaissance and the age of discoveries. It all  started in East! It all begun with a great passion for wisdom and sophisticated culture.

On March 22 2015 at 4pm in the University of Philosophical Research I will tell the story of the Oud, the Mid Eastern Lute that travelled with the Moors from Babylon to Spain and changed the history of Europe and the Americas for good. We will play the music that came out of Bagdad and demonstrate how it changed in Spain to become the exquisite Adalusi music and then the fiery Flamenco music styles.

It will be a great delight to feature with my ensemble for a premier performance the talented and soulful Moroccan-Israeli singer, Elinor Sitrish, whose voice will help us uplift the spirit and expand the heart. Don’t miss it! It will be presented only one time!  Sunday,  March 22, 2015 at 4pm. For more details:


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