Message To Future Generations

Message To Future Generations

WHAT WILL YOU SAY to future generations, if you could leave behind ONLY ONE SENTENCE that would guide them? In 2010 while on a tour of Andalusia, I was invited to the world renowned Cherry wine museum in Jerez, Spain, where the king of Spain, the Beatles and other VIP’s autographed wine barrels for the museum collection, I was asked by the museum director to autograph a barrel. At that moment it was clear to me that there is more important things to communicate than an autograph… and a voice came to me with these words: “Teach Your Children Peace”. See photo below. Now in 2015 it has become a T-shirt! Become an Ambassador of Peace by carrying this teaching on yourself, by wearing the new, custom designed – Yuval Ron Ensemble Peace Quotes – T-shirt shown below!

This fashion grade Interfaith T-shirt, designed by Yuval Ron, feature a Mandala (sacred circle) with sacred texts from the three Abrahamic faiths in Hebrew, Greek and Arabic and inspiring quotes in English promoting peace and harmony.

Get one for you, and few more for your friends; wear it to spread the message while seeing how these shirts become conversation pieces, providing food for thoughts for you, your family and friends. Some of the proceeds from sales will be donated to support peace organizations around the world.
Inspire others, lead by example, and help heal the world by simply getting your own unique, beautifully designed, Yuval Ron Ensemble T-shirts click here.




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