Devotional Music & Wisdom Quotes

Devotional Music & Wisdom Quotes

It is so exciting to release a new music video for the Yuval Ron Ensemble. It is like a birth of a living human being! And this new clip “Ya Rab (Living Wisdom Quotes)” for the song “Ya Rab” from the Cd Seeker of Truth is a unique music video. It is a tool, a message in a bottle, an essential teaching from some of the greatest sages in human history: Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Ellie Wiesel, Bahullah, Osho. The clip have been public for few days and heart warming feedback from around the world is flowing to our studios. Read some of it below and then watch the new music video in the link below:

“Thank you very much for sharing with us Yuval Ron ensemble’s message of peace & unity. The message of Ya Rab is both beautiful & profound.  We shall certainly share this with our network & associates and we look forward to listening to more of such inspirational compositions. Please thank Yuval Ron and may he continue to share his music as as path to world peace.”- Zulaiha Ismail, Perdana Global Peace Foundation

“What a joy it was to find your message today in the inbox of the Baha’i Office of Communications!  The sentiments in it, along with the lovely Yuval Ron Ensemble Ya Rab music video, were quite inspiring. We are always happy to learn of our brothers and sisters on this planet who are working towards peace and unity.” – Joyce Litoff, Communications Assistant, Office of Communications, U.S. Baha’i National Center

“Your music is truly beautiful and inspiring. I will forward it to those in charge of our social media to see if we could publish it in our network.” – Hamutal, Hands of

“We all greatly appreciate Yuval’s wonderful service and message of peace in promoting a more peaceful world.” – Philip M. Hellmich, Director of Peace The Summer of Peace, The Shift Network

See and hear the new clip right here below, please tell us what you think!


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