Excerpts From “Divine Attunement”

Excerpts From “Divine Attunement”

My book “Divine Attunement – Music as a Path to Wisdom” has recently won the Gold Medal Award for Best Book in the Spirituality category of the Indie Book Awards 2015. Below is an excerpt from Chapter One – The Golden Thread.

The wholesomeness of the sound that resonated from his reed and the blissful way that it made him feel aroused the lover to undertake previously unthinkable deeds: Without any apparent reason, he began helping people – many people – whom he did not even know.

It was then that the lover completely forgot about himself. Instead, all that concerned him was how to make every living being that crossed his path more joyful. He suddenly realized that throughout his entire life he had focused on bringing happiness to just one person – himself. Now, as he worked to make many other people joyful, he actually was spreading much more happiness in the world.

For anyone interested in the power of music, I encourage you to read more. You can purchase the book through my website here or on Amazon, available here.

Click here to watch an exclusive trailer for “Divine Attunement – Music as a Path to Wisdom”.

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