Immersive Theater Show: Murmurs & Incantations

Immersive Theater Show: Murmurs & Incantations

If you are in NYC in August 2013, please don’t miss my new collaboration with multi-talented artist Dahn Hiuni, who wrote an entertaining and humorous play called Murmurs & Incantations. The play provides a thoughtful meditation on creativity, family, memory and the meaning of life. I am going to compose the new score over this summer of 2013 and on August 19 I will be in NYC to work with the director and the actors on implementing the score into the production. I will be playing some of the sounds live on autoharp and some pre recorded tracks from my two lap tops which will be positioned in two music stations in two different rooms. The format is the new and fresh style of immersive theater where the audience members are led through several gallery spaces and ARE part of the action. Without knowing it the audience provides the production with extras, meaning a large amount of actors who do not speak any of the text of the play, but rather contribute with their presence. There is no stage and no seats. The actors are all over the place and lead the audience from space to space. It is also a mixed media piece as there is the use of a video along with live theatrical cast they play the various roles of the play.

The play which is produced by Guy Vidal contrasts the NYC art world and the old shadowy world of Poland and its tragic World War II’s past. My grandparents left Poland in the 1920’s to build a new life in Palestine and helped build Tel Aviv – the first HEbrew city on the sand dunes by the Mediterranean Sea. All of their brothers and sisters, cousins and parents, uncles and grandparents who stayed in Poland, were wiped out by the Nazi monsters that took over the Polish landscape. The play deals with the memories of and the lessons brought to us by the ghosts of that lost generation. What a contrast! Contemporary New York City and the dark shadows of East Europe War time Poland. As I read the script I found this contrast  immediately interesting from a musical perspective. I must go now….got to compose few more notes for the score…..

If you’d like to explore more about this project visit: and please also visit the indiegogo crowd-sourcing link: You may want to get involved and be part of this interesting project.

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