Master of the Good Name

Master of the Good Name

Passage from Chapter VI – Master of the Good Name from Divine Attunement: Music as a Path to Wisdom


And so, the Baal Shem Tov established a musical tradition of melodies that have no lyrics. He knew all too well that music engages the mysteries beyond all words and awakens the heart. When we insert language into our music or meditation, we are bound to engage our intellect – and that is exactly what we do not want to do when exploring the Reality beyond all realities.

Therefore, many of the devotional songs from this tradition are sung in gibberish, like “bim, bam, bim, bim, bam” or “lei, lei, oye.” And by repeating these sounds and accelerating their pace, we have the potential to travel from the pain of separation to the joy of unity. We can lose ourselves in fiery excitement, stepping outside of ourselves and letting our soul rise up to dance with the Master of the Universe, the Creator of the divine drama that we call … LIFE!

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