“Tame the Monkey”

“Tame the Monkey”

Below is a short excerpt of Chapter IV “Meditation, Unity, and Why You Should Tame the Monkey” from Divine Attunement: Music as a Path to Wisdom.


But the mind doesn’t just jump from “tree to tree,” it consistently analyzes and judges as well. The mind is like a butcher knife; it slices reality and cuts objects into easily comprehensible parts. Thus, at its most basic level, the mind’s role is to separate the world into definable parts so that we may react appropriately to danger and decide whether to fight or take flight. Our reptilian brain triggers these self-preservation and survival instincts that are common to all animals. This is a fundamental reason why it is so difficult for us to see all of humanity as One.
Interestingly, if we could climb the layers of consciousness and reach Oneness, we might begin to disregard the line between life and death because at this level there’s not much difference between t

he two. You might perceive yourself as the fire, the poisonous snake, the speeding bus … so much so that you might run into the fire, hug the snake, or fall under the wheels of the bus.
In order to experience life beyond mere survival consciousness, attain deeper creativity and insight, and achieve a healthier, more balanced existence, we need to access a proven process for transitioning our minds to a higher state of awareness. One such process is meditation.


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